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KeyWallet Classic

- The hack-free from external attack
- Cold Wallet
- USB type
- Compatibility for PC
- Backup/Recovery Sheet
- Multi Currency
Buy How to use


Keep the customers’ assets securely

Through cold wallet which has high-level security, the customers’ assets are stored securely.

Easy to carry

Because its size is similar to general USB, customers can put it in their pocket.


Even if customers lost their KeyWallet, they can recover it through recovery sheet.

Various coins

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are supported, and Ethereum Classic, Ripple, and Dash will be added soon.


Through KeyWallet Manager, it is easy for customers to manage their wallet, coin balance, and trading.

Reasonable price compared with other cold wallets

Having various functionalities, high-level security, and usability, KeyWallet has reasonable price compared with other cold wallets.



   KeyWallet Classic



   Secure Element

   Smartcard/CC EAL5+ level


   USB2.0, Type A


   5V, 0.5A


   61mm × 22mm × 9mm

   Supported OS

   Windows 7, 8, 10